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(These are placed in alphabetical order. Please don’t get butt-hurt if your blog is placed near the end. Alternatively, get butt-hurt somewhere I won’t hear about it. =p)


Bacon Gravy

Big Bear Butt Blogger



Hello Tauren!

Holy Troll

orcish army knife

Screaming Into The Vacuum

The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

The Stories of O

The Wayward Initiative

Yelling On the Internet



(A decent portion of these are NSFW-ish. Fair warning)

Auction House Junkies


Legendary – The World of Warcraft Show

LoadingReadyRun – LRRcast

Rep Grind Radio

Rift Riders

Rooster Teeth Podcast

Sarcastic Gamer » Brown


The Double O Podcast

The Indoor Kids

The Instance: World of Warcraft Podcast!

The Nerdist

The YoGPoD

This Week In MMO (Video Edition)

VtW Radio: Casually Hardcore

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