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Date : October 2011

Defending Dungeons

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Published on: October 30, 2011

So I’ve been playing Dungeon Defenders a lot lately. And I mean, a lot. So I figured I’d do a mini-review slash intro (I say “mini” but it’s going to be rather longer-ish) of it. I’ve now played it both on PC and 360 (it’s running in the background right now, actually), but the majority[…]

Achievement Unlocked: OCD

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Published on: October 28, 2011

Aside from in WoW, I never really cared about achievements. Even within WoW, my interest only went so far; I was after titles and mounts, and there were achievements that provided those. In other games, I really didn’t care. It was neat when they popped up, but I didn’t seek them out. So why is[…]

One point One-Up

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Published on: October 19, 2011

Well, it is now four days after my participation in this year’s Extra Life gaming marathon charity event, and while I still haven’t found a way to describe it that rolls off the tongue, the event itself was an overwhelming success. I, personally, was able to raise $200 for a local hospital, and the charity[…]

Howdy, neighbour!

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Published on: October 12, 2011

Hey guys. If any of you have happened to wander by my blog in the last month or so, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t really said anything since I made my Extra Life post. While I have plenty I’d like to blog about, I’ve been holding it in reserve because I wanted the post[…]

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