Transmogrification and you.

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Published on: August 21, 2011

Since Blizzard announced the upcoming Transmogrification feature, pretty much everybody and their brother who has a WoW-related blog is writing about it. Now it’s my turn. Everybody’s talked about how excited they are (or aren’t) about it and how it opens up a whole new way to customize your character. If you look around online, nothing I’m saying here is breaking new ground. It’s all been said before. But I’ve been having to repeat a lot of it lately, so I’m finding it necessary to just have it all written down in one place so I can just say “Read this =>

Here’s what we know about Transmogrification and Void Storage so far (and remember, this isn’t released yet, so it’s all subject to change):

– Void Storage will function kind of like a secondary personal bank. It will have 80 slots, and it will cost money to unlock.

– When you place something into Void Storage, it removes all enchantments, stats, class requirements etc on the item. If you take the item out of Void Storage (assuming you can, of course, which we don’t know yet) it will come out as just the default version of that item. Void Storage essentially just stores the ID number of the item you’ve placed into it.

– To apply a look onto any item, the look you want will have to belong to an item that you’ve placed into Void Storage.

– The item you’re borrowing the look from must be of the same type. You can’t make Plate look like Cloth, and vice versa. This goes for weapons too; no maces if you’re really using swords.

– There is an exception to the item-type rule with ranged weapons. You can make bows look like guns, guns look like crossbows, etc.

– You can not borrow the look from Legendaries or Heirlooms. Now running around Org with Thunderfury or Zin’Rokh unless you actually have them equipped.

– Some “silly” items (with “silly” determined by Blizzard) will not be able to have their looks borrowed. No dual-wielding fish or frying pans.

– You must have the original item to borrow it’s look by placing it into Void Storage. Blizzard has stated that they’re looking into a way of you getting some looks back such as the DK starter set, but no news on that yet.

– The item you’re borrowing the look from must have stats. This means that you won’t be able to transmogrify your shirt or tabard (unless Blizzard changes this for them). It also means, you can’t have your dagger look like the Acolyte’s Dagger – though you could make it look like the Ogre Pocket Knife which uses the same model.And no, the armour stat on an item doesn’t count as a stat.

Here’s what we don’t know about Transmogrification and Void Storage:

Fucking lots

If you haven’t figured out how you want your character to look like, there are plenty of resources to draw from. There’s a whole slew of websites devoted to RP sets. There’s also the WoW Model Viewer, which can help you sort through all the models for a specific slot (with toggles for item type so you can turn off the types you can’t/don’t use), and also help with making sure you don’t look like a clown (unless that’s the look you’re going for) with all of it on at once. I heavily recommend using WMV in conjunction with Wowhead so you can look up the item that you like (when you select an item in WMV there are two numbers that follow the name, the first is the item number), and you’ll be able to see if that specific look is attainable. Some may not be, but Wowhead also has a little tab for each item that shows what other items share that item’s model (often with just a recolour). If you’re looking up a lot of items, copy and paste it into your address bar followed by whatever number you want to look up.

Here are links to just a few RP gear blogs. There are many out there. Feel free to leave me links to any I didn’t mention in the comments (as well as any corrections I may need to make) below. I’ll edit them into my post.
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Blizzard Dev Blog Posts on Void Storage & Transmogrification:
Void Storage

(Edited for additional links.)

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