"stfu dabos ur a baddie"

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Published on: August 11, 2011

In between recording, editing, and uploading videos to Youtube, I’ve been playing WoW here and there. Despite having plenty to do on my main, and being in no way bored of him, I’ve been playing on the Oceanic Nagrand server. The time zone difference between mine and the server’s is such that when I’m playing after midnight, I’m right in the middle of their prime time. I play Alliance-side on a Worgen DK named Dabos in a tiny tiny guild. Like 9 toons, but only two accounts tiny. I’m the only one in the guild to have logged on in the last month. On the toons there anyways. The owner of that guild is a friend of mine from Kael’Thas.

None of this is important, really. I’m just pussy-footing around the topic at hand, which is incidentally the topic of this post. That phrase was said to me in party chat maybe twenty minutes ago, and it’s ruined my night. I was in a Utgarde Keep run, and the tank had commented to the mage that he’d never seen anybody kite mobs into his aoe range before. The hunter in the group said “what’s that?”, and I responded with “the opposite of what you’re doing” because the hunter had been kiting away from the tank, and had been pulling mobs before the tank was ready.

Then the hunter said “stfu dabos ur a baddie”. I don’t know if he meant my dps, or something else, but that comment really bothered me. I have “/assist focus” macro’ed into every ability, and the first thing I do when I enter a random is /focus the tank. I’d taken Howling Blast out of my rotation because the aoe from it was almost getting me killed on every pull in previous randoms [with different people]. Maybe Howling Blast not being in my rotation any more was hurting my DPS. Maybe the fact that I could only attack what the tank was targeting due to the” /assist focus” macroed into my abilities. I don’t know, I don’t run dps meters.

But to be told that I’m a “baddie” really bothered me. It bothers me more, maybe, that I got called one by somebody whom as a tank would drive me insane. But I stfu’ed, and I finished the run. And I don’t want to play WoW any more. At the very least, I don’t want to group with people any more. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I don’t want to be dead weight. This type of stuff really bothers me. Fuck, maybe he was just being a douche or trolling. I shouldn’t let it get to me. But I can’t help but wonder if I really am a “baddie”.

Unrelated to the above, I won’t be posting any more videos to Youtube until August 29th. I received an automatic notification from my ISP that I was at 90% of my monthly bandwidth limit, and I still have 18 days left in that time period. I can’t afford overage costs, and I might still end up going over the limit from normal usage. 10gb [my monthly limit is 105gb] really isn’t that much to spread out over 18 days.

This post has no proper ending, unless you count this sentence, which you shouldn’t (due to poor sentence structure).

  1. gamingsf says:

    Hi new to the blog, found it via the linked guest post on Wayward.

    Just to say hang on in there. I play in a super small friends and family guild in WoW and we've gone through phases where we haven't got enough players online for even a dungeon run. The few times we've done random heroics I've seen so much of this – players who play badly or selfishly and cannot see why they are at fault. Of course their default response is to insult the person correcting them.

    From what you've said you were doing everything right, which is a rarity amongst DKs 😉 (joking!)


  2. Reverend Unk says:

    @gamingsf Thanks for the moral support, and commenting on two of my posts. Always exciting to discover I have new readers =)

    And yeah, I haven't let it get to me. I just had a bit of an emo moment. I still don't play very often – busy working on videos and mentally preparing myself (and nagging others to donate) for Extra Life – but when I do it's mostly pvp. I *am* bad at that, but it's fun, and in random BGs everybody's a "baddie" unless we're winning ;p

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